19th of January 2022 marked an historic moment for Romania – the National Beating Cancer Plan was launched during an event hosted by the President of Romania himself.

In the context of COVID -19 pandemic, the implementation of the cancer agenda should constitute a top priority for each policy maker at the national and EU level, not only in terms of medical aspects but on a broader spectrum that includes prevention, screening, care, diagnosis and treatment, as well as their economic and social aspects, including access to research funding and knowledge.

Now is the right moment to mobilize resources at the EU, national and local level and to come up with impact driven realistic goals for the benefit of Romanian citizens.

The objective of the event is to have an overview of different EU funds and instruments for implementing Cancer Mission and to discuss the Horizon Europe opportunities for Cancer Mission implementation and synergies with Romanian RRP and Cohesion Funds as well as with other MFF programs.

In this context we hope to have an interactive debate about the strategic research and innovation agenda of the Horizon Europe Cancer Mission and its contribution to Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan to better engage ourselves in this process together with public authorities and civil society, in order to implement research, development and innovation solutions and make it easier for citizens to understand the value of investments in research and innovation.

The event is organized by the Centre for Innovation in Medicine in collaboration with the Health Committee from the Chamber of Deputies, Romanian Parliament.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Contribution of Horizon Europe to the Cancer Mission implementation
  • Regional approaches of the Cancer Mission
  • PNRR and the synergies with Horizon Europe for Cancer Mission implementation
  • Other financial sources needed for the implementation of the Cancer Mission
  • The role of civil society and citizens in co design and co-creation of new (digital) tools for preventive and personalised medicine in oncology
  • Governance at the National Level in order to achieve the objectives of the Cancer Mission
  • Integration of the Cancer Mission with the National Cancer Control Plan

Access the Agenda of the event.